Sunday, 24 January 2021

A first for us

 Sunday 24th January 2021

I just thought I would pop in and let you know we are still alive and kicking!  However, more importantly than that I have a first for Tentatrice to report. We have never seen her in the snow and whilst we cannot go and visit her at present a very kind lady who lives at our marina went and took a photo of her for us.  Thank you Anne.  One day we will meet you in 'real life'.

She also added some other great photos of the marina looking very wintery.  Thank you for permission to add them to my blog.

Snow not withstanding, Monty still needed to go for his walk this morning, so I booted up, donned hat, coat, gloves and scarf and off we went.  Here are a few pictures of our route looking lovely in the snow. 

Our usual route takes us up this hill, but we just poked our noses round the corner today - as I suspected it was very busy with people having lots of fun, as they should be.  Monty is not keen on whizzing sledges and he does not understand snowball fights, so best to be avoided.  It would also have been hard to keep my distance, so we chose another route

which for the most part was a lot quieter.

On past the duck pond - the little duck house was built and donated by local company after the original fell apart and sank.  

There were children playing in the play park - I wonder if they had wet bottoms when they got home!

A few more toboggans

and two lads aiming for a world record snowball!

A few snowmen to supervise all these activities

It does the heart good to see so many people having so much fun in the snow.  We managed to extend our route at the far end, so still clocked up a couple of miles. 

When I got home the hard work of clearing the drive began.  Chris cleared the car whilst I moved it away.  We can get out to our bins and the car without having to put boots on.  I certainly deserved my lunch today!  Whilst we were doing that Monty decided to revert to puppy hood and do 'zoomies' in the snow.  I think it will be a peaceful afternoon and that he won't need to go far when Chris takes him out mid afternoon.

I hope you are all staying warm and safe and that no one is in any of the flooded areas or have been affected by Covid.  Our son and his family have, thankfully, all recovered.  No sign of a vaccination for either of us yet, but we reckon Chris should be done soon.  I am not 70 until August, so may have a bit longer to wait.


nb Chuffed said...

What lovely photos of the marina, your side is especially pretty! We've had no snow to speak of in our part of Devon, just a lot of ice where our lanes are usually wet, and later in the day a great deal of mud if you don't choose your route wisely! But the stunning coast path is only 5 miles away and we can link it with shopping.
Stay safe,

Jennie said...

Hi Debby, good to hear from you and to know you are both in fine fettle. We do not even go out to shop, so no excuse to find other places to walk, so it is round the estate for us each day. We are lucky that it is not without interest - things could be a lot worse. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be stuck in a high rise flat in a city with a couple of small children. Hopefully we will all be able to set off somewhere at some time later this year. Jennie

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

The snowy scenes are beautiful, Jennie.

We are going through a hot patch at the moment, but are apparently have a 50% chance of rain tomorrow, and then sun for the next 8 days... If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will have to water the garden!

I hope you two get your vaccinations soon. It will be such a relief to start seeing better news from the UK - it has clearly been a very difficult time over the last year.

Big hugs, and please stay safe and healthy,


Jennie said...

Hi Marilyn, My apologies for taking so long to publish this - I was not too well last week (nothing serious), so I rarely visited the computer. Did you get your rain, I wonder? I am glad to say that our snow has gone. It is very pretty, but quite hazardous to walk on.

I can now report that Chris gets his first vaccination tomorrow at our surgery. He will ask them if they are going to start on the over 65's soon. If so, I should not be far behind him. Other than the fact that they are doing well with the vaccination programme, the rest of the news is still pretty dire.

Enjoy your freedom - ours will come again in due course. If you see Barry and Sandra again, please say hi from us. Jennie x