Monday, 9 April 2018

"String Monitor!"

Sunday 8th April 2018
Volunteer Lock Keeping at Stoke Prior

Many moons ago I found myself being given the task of being a milk monitor and then an ink monitor (both positions long redundant I am sure), but yesterday I met with a new challenge - that of being a 'String Monitor'.

Chris and I were on duty at Stoke for most of the day (it was probably our busiest ever with 8 boats doing all or part of the flight and with 6 locks that kept us going for most of our 5 duty hours).  Near the top I met up with a lady single handing, so went to give her a hand.  I was soon to discover this was Kate Saffin from the Alarum Theatre Company who are currently performing in this area. 

Once up the locks her next task was to stop briefly near the Queen's Head to attach two banners to advertise their theatre tour.  There was a lull in boat traffic, so I offered to lend a hand - a job that was definitely a lot easier with four hands than it would have been with just two.  Kate made holes in the banners and I was assigned the task of threading the string through - hence my role for the day!

  I think we made a pretty good job of it between the two of us.

It was a pleasure to meet Kate.  We saw her partner, Heather Wastie, perform at the Worcester Birmingham and Droitwich Canal Society last December.  That was an evening to remember - one of fun, education and audience participation.  We have just booked tickets to view their current show at Finstall Village Hall this coming Saturday.  By then we should be moored near where I met Kate yesterday.

For more information about the tour plus dates please follow this link.  If you are anywhere around the Birmingham/North Worcestershire I think a lot of you would enjoy an evening in their company.

Finally - Jaq - Kate says to say hello and sends her very best wishes.

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nb Chuffed said...

We have missed you again Jennie! Still haven't decided which way to go when we leave the marina (likely to be in May). It'll depend on the river levels - we may go to the Midlands via Stourport if we don't decide to go up the Avon! Or Tardebigge of course if the rivers stay high.