Saturday, 11 November 2017

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Saturday 11 November 2017
Bromsgrove to Furnace, Mid Wales

A few weeks ago we booked a cottage in mid Wales for a week.  I guess this is an odd time of year to visit the seaside, however Chris has relatives in this area, so we are visiting as well as enjoying a break from our normal 'winter life'.

First stop was Morrisons for a newspaper and air in the tyres and then a very convoluted wriggle through Bromsgrove, made even worse by the road we wanted to take being closed.  To make matters worse  we were behind a range rover towing a horse box through narrow streets with parked cars to negotiate.  When faced with a choice of cross country or motorway the former one the day. We only got stuck once behind a slow vehicle - another horse box, but this time it was a big one belonging to Massey Equine Transport.  Remember the name - it is significant!

Sadly it was grey and 'mizzly', so the scenery was not as stunning as it might have been.  A quick stop in Newtown to 'ease springs' for all three of us and we arrived at our destination before 13:00.  We were deliberately early so we could head to one of our favourite places - the beach at Ynyslas

with a view of Aberdovey across the estuary

  A quick sandwich was eaten in the car and then Monty was free to experience real dog heaven -a fitting reward for being 'packed' into the boot for 3 hours.

A much needed release of energy and it certainly blew the cobwebs away.  The weather was even a bit brighter, but no rain is all we hope for.

We just had to be careful of these beached jelly fish.

Just after 15:00 we arrived at our home for of the next week in Furnace, and what a home it is.  We were met by Glenda who made us very welcome and showed us around.  It is a single storey building that
just goes on and on.  Come with me on a tour....

In through the utility area with washing machine, tumble dryer, a huge fridge freezer and a box of towels and other things for cleaning dogs!

Into a large 'farmhouse' kitchen with all mod cons and a few more besides.

Into a hall - the door at the end is bedroom 2

Then into a large sitting room

No excuse not to see this TV!

Monty surveying his new territory

and what a view it is

One of the first things I did was to remove those lovely cream throws and replace them with a large red one we brought with us.  I carefully folded them and popped them under a table for safe keeping, not realising that Monty would decide that the table would be a good hidey hole and the throw a good cushion for his head!  Needless to say they have been moved again.

Off the sitting room is the master bedroom

and another corridor with not one but two

shower rooms

All in all it is a fabulous property that is squeaky clean and furnished to a very high standard.  You may wonder why we need such a big property for just the two of us and Monty?  Well tomorrow our friends Jane and Chris and their black Labrador, Kiera are coming to join us until Thursday.  We are looking forward to some quality time with them, some great walks with the dogs and we will also visit family as and when over the week.  And their surname?  Well think back to the second horse box - yes it is Massey.  It must have been meant!

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