Thursday, 15 June 2017

Aqueducts and Neighbours

Wednesday 14th June 2017
Wootton Wawen to Wilmcote
3.5 miles, 1 lock

Today was always going to be a slow start as we did not have far to go.  We wanted to fill the diesel tank well ahead of going down the Avon and Anglo Welsh were expecting a delivery today, so another reason for not rushing off.  We woke to sunshine and the shorts and t-shirts came out from their winter hiding places at long last.  I went up to the shop again for the paper and a few other bits – they really do have so much I had to ask where a couple of bits were.

So at around 11:30 we set off

And once we had filled the tank we were off across the aqueduct at Wootton Wawen.

This is the aqueduct from the road – I have once driven under it as a boat goes across – quite a sight to behold.

These are the views from the aqueduct down to the road

  And looking back as Chris set off

Monty and I walked to the first and only lock of the day – something is happening here, but what I am afraid I have no idea

In the same field as the construction above was this one sheep with her lamb – had they strayed from elsewhere, or were they in isolation for some reason – I will never know.

And so to Bearley Lock which truly is in the middle of nowhere – when we arrived the lock was empty with the bottom gate wide open.  Muttering to myself about people who leave gates open I went and closed it, came back to the top of the lock and started to open a paddle to fill the lock, when lo and behold I looked at the other end to find the gate open again!  I left the top paddle open a bit, rushed to the other end, closed the gate again and then headed back to finish opening the top paddles.  I must remember that there is no way this bottom gate will stay shut and to crack a paddle at the top before trying to close it!  

Having finally won the battle I was able to relax whilst the lock filled

Whilst Chris waited patiently until I could open the top gate

And so to Edstone Aqueduct – not as impressive as Pontcysyllte, but still pretty good views

Just as we were emerging a boat was sat on the other side waiting their turn to cross

We found a good mooring in Wilmcote – last time we came this way (April 2016) the towpath was very muddy, but no problems like that now.

After lunch we went into Wilmcote for a mooch.  I took these pictures of our mooring as we left 

The main attraction in Wilmcote is Mary Arden’s House which we have visited before, so no need to go again

We did pop in here and spend a relaxing half hour or so in the garden with a cold pint to refresh us on such a wonderfully sunny day.

When we returned we found we had new neighbours – I suppose that is one thing about this way of life even if you don’t like the neighbours it is never long before you get a new set!

We did break out the barbecue again, but the tow path did not lend itself to al fresco eating.

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