Friday, 7 October 2016

The Straight and Narrow

Thursday 6th October
Gnosall Heath to Brewood
8 miles, 1 lock

Unbelievably the sky was blue again.

And this stretch of the Shropshire Union really is straight even if it is not (thankfully) particularly narrow

When we were not in cuttings there were some great views

Just one small tunnel at Cowley - all of 81 yards long

We stopped in Wheaton Aston to fill up with fuel which has gone up and is now 54.9ppl, but still the cheapest we have ever come across.  We pushed across to the other side of the canal to have lunch and slipped away just in time - we avoided grass all over the side of the boat as the grass cutters marched ever closer.

There was just one lock today at Wheaton Aston and as we approached this boat came out - good timing for us.

And so we ended another wonderful day moored up in the lovely village of Brewood, pronounced Brood, but more of that will follow

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