Friday, 25 September 2015

Through Braunston and past Calcutt

24th -25th September 2015
Thursday 24th September 2015
Norton Junction to beyond Braunston
5.75 miles, 6 locks

Once again it was warm and sunny when we set off and remained so nearly all day.

First it was the 2042 yards of Braunston Tunnel to be negotiated

There was a boat behind us in the tunnel, so we waited for them to join us to work the locks into Braunston

I spotted this sign in one of the houses along the flight - it brought a smile to my face!

Every lock was full when we got to it and most had boats coming out, so we did not even have to open the gates.  Also there were two VLK's at the bottom lock, so the flight was completed in really good time and with minimal effort.

As we were waiting to leave the bottom lock Monty was able to say 'hello' to Bernard the 16 week old Border Collie on Mine's a Pint.
 Having watered and disposed of rubbish etc we moored just past bridge 91, had lunch and then went into Braunston itself.  A climb up this footpath (the church is behind the photographer) affords a good view from the top of the hill.

The Church is undergoing major restoration to its stone work funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Chris has always fancied living somewhere like this, but the boat has put paid to that dream!

Neither of us have ever seen quite such elaborate gables

Our mooring in Braunston was not too good, so once we had finished shopping we decided to move on into open country.  As we set off there was a very short heavy shower.  By the time we were round the turn on the Grand Union mainline it was glorious again.

We moored in almost complete isolation near bridge 99.  We were amazed at how many boats went past and one after it was dark, but there was no footfall along the tow path - bliss.

Friday 25th September 2015
Outside Braunston to past Calcutt
5.5 miles, 3 locks

This morning was even sunnier and much warmer than yesterday - long may it continue.  This is a very rural, quiet and rather lovely stretch of canal.

A short trip today with just three locks at Calcutt.  We stopped for water at the top lock and as we finished a boat came along to share the locks - so much easier with two boats.

Andante was our partner - they were just going back to the Marina not far past the bottom lock. The lady in the picture is from a boat waiting to come up, so not part of the Andante crew.

Once again we are moored in a quiet spot with, so far, no footfall along the towpath.  There has been a flurry of hire boats going rather too fast, but hopefully that will not go on for much longer.  The washing is drying on the line and all is well with our world.

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Jaqueline Biggs said...

You are right about this part of the Oxford canal being a blissful, lovely, peaceful (except at the height of summer boating season) place to moor. We love this stretch of the cut. When we came back to England after our wedding, we spent a week moored along there, chilling out and recovering form the previous three stressful months.