Saturday, 6 September 2014

Back to Endon near B28

To Post Bank Visitor moorings, Endon
4 miles, 0 locks

We spent all of yesterday in Leek having a 'domestic day'.  Lots of inside and outside cleaning - I could hardly contain my excitement! To have climbed up to the village for some of those fish and chips would have been much nicer, however, sometimes you just have to do what's needed!  Our neighbours made the journey and said a piece of fish, a small (still large enough!!) portion of chips and mushy peas were just £4.40 and were delicious. Next time maybe.

The footpath in the Ladderedge Country Park had been repaired and re-opened, so Monty and I went to explore this morning.  This is the repaired stretch and it would appear from the notices that it was dealt with very promptly and it certainly looks as though they have made a good job of it.
The country park is not that much to write home about, but there was lots of open space for Monty to charge about in, so he was happy.

We set off this morning under a grey, overcast sky and it has not improved all day.  Still it is dry.  The canal did have a little more water today (they have been back pumping), so although it was still slow we did not grind and scrape along as much.

I think the only thing of note that I missed on the way was this water tower as was, now converted into a home.
Sorry about the 'splodge' - we think it is internal in the camera which may well be expensive, but it will have to wait until we get home.

We had a stop at Park Lane Services at Endon, to top up with water and dispose of both sorts of deposits from the composting loo along with our rubbish from the last three days.

It was not far from there to where we are moored which is just past the start of the tow path works.  We both wonder what people do not understand by these notices

They are clear enough to us, but obviously do not apply to everyone

Just before this man and three children (there is an even smaller one behind) climbed round another two men and a smallish child all on bikes did the same.  The second man and the boy were on an adult and child tandem which must have been very hard to get round the fencing never mind over this lot!!  We rather think that when C&RT say the tow path is closed, they mean it!!

Tomorrow we have friends coming out for a day trip.  More inhabitants of Stoke who will see their home city from a new perspective.  I just hope the sun manages to find it's way through the clouds.

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