Monday, 7 July 2014

To Great Paxton

To Great Paxton GOBA moorings
6.5 miles, 2 locks

The morning after the day before and all is calm in the park 

A short run today, but quite slow – there were boats all over the place, but the sun was shining and we were not in a hurry, so all was well with our world.

Brampton Mill (now a pub) looks like it is worth a visit – the mill wheel is in working order,

We were glad we did not meet anyone on the narrow channel that runs up to Brampton lock – we were told (too late) that if the water is not low it is possible to use the other channel.

We were just able to get both boats in Brampton lock 

There were boats jockeying for position when we left the lock

It was mostly big river today

Offord Lock is too narrow for both of us and it was very busy.  A short narrow boat followed by the wide cruiser were emerging as we arrived.  Two other cruisers were waiting on the lock landings.  It was one at a time for us both, first Cleddau, another narrow boat came down

and by then there were two other narrow boats waiting behind us to go up the lock

 Cleddau went ahead and moored up at the GOBA moorings at the Paxton Pitts Nature Reserve.  The walkie talkie squawked - ‘Cleddau to Tentatrice – we are behind a tree and can just see you’.  Sure enough there they were and we were able to breast up

With yet another great view.

Boatwif, Monty and I walked the Heron trail round the reserve

 A walk we all enjoyed and if you come this way do see if you can spot the badger gate

And finally a few days ago I promised you a picture of our Worcestershire flag - a new design that has only been in existence since last year.  The black pears represent the pears used for making Perry.  The blue is the River Severn and the Green the flood plains.

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