Sunday, 13 April 2014

A busy time for C&RT - Update

Repair to a leak above Tardebigge Top Lock

We headed off for one of our litter picks yesterday and came across C&RT busy at work above the top lock at Tardebigge.  We had heard that there was a problem as we were due to be lock keeping at Stoke Prior, but with all locks closed the only one likely to be in use was the bottom one, so we decided it was not worth our while just for one lock.

This is the view from the lock down to the temporary dam

The site of the leak - being filled with (we think) puddle clay mixed with ash

Two views from the dam

You can just see the top lock in the distance
They hope to be finished, re-watered and open for business tomorrow (Monday 14 April).  There are a few boats waiting below the top lock - we stopped and chatted to one crew.  They are moored in Netherwich Basin, Droitwich and had moved their boat up Stoke and Tardebigge last weekend to be in position to head off north for the children's school holiday.  Patience is the name of the game - I hope they are 'released' soon.

Update today: Sunday 13th April 2014:

We made our way back to Tardebigge today to see what progress had been made and were pleased to see no workmen and that the water is going back slowly.  I must apologise for the 'splodge' on the photos today - a result of our 5 year old grandson 'borrowing' my camera and getting (we think) a little too close to his little brother's nose!  The lens has now been cleaned.

 The site of the leak - there is usually a boat moored here, but we doubt it will be able to get close enough to the bank to moor up again.  Note you can just see some more 'lumps' just proud of the water.
Just 45 minutes later - you can see how slowly the water is rising

An Anglo Welsh boat moored below lock 57 which is locked.  They are due to finish their holiday tomorrow (base at Tardebigge Old Wharf) and have been advised that Anglo Welsh will collect them in a van to get them back to their car.
 There are a few more queuing between lock 57 and 58 - and just check out that sky!

We learnt today that a lady noticed the ground was a little damp on Thursday evening.  Someone reported it at some point on Friday and by that afternoon there were 4 scaffolders (2 in the water) erecting the dam and a further 15 or so workers on the embankment.  We gather the water was escaping at the rate of 50 litres a minute and had it not been stopped the whole embankment might have gone.

ps - as a point of interest to us at least!  The latest issue of Waterways World has a report about the Alvechurch boat that got stuck on the cill in one of the Bath locks and was subsequently sunk when a rescue was attempted.  Well these are a couple of pictures of that very boat (Yellow Weaver) in June 2012.  We had a wonderful week on her and very good boat she was too.

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