Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Droitwich Spa Marina to Hanbury Turn and back again
2 miles, 6 locks

We had a very important visitor today - Mark Langley from Waterways World.  His task for the day - to review Tentatrice.  We left home early and on arrival at the Marina, Chris deployed the hose for a wash and brush up on the outside whilst I hoovered inside and then cleaned the windows.  Jobs done it was time for a shower.  I went to the shower block first, had my shower and stood there dripping when I realised I had forgotten something rather vital - my towel!  What to do.  Put on the clothes I had arrived in and nip back hoping no one would notice I was dripping?  Well that was my first thought, but thankfully I realised I had my mobile with me. A quick call to Chris and he was able to come to my rescue - my knight is shining armour!

Mark arrived promptly at 11am.  A couple of hours of tea and chat along with a lot of photos.  Then we headed off to Hanbury Turn (the nearest place to wind (turn around)).  It was about a mile each way with the 3 Hanbury Locks each way, so it did take a good hour and a half.

We were 'snapped' from all angles

 and we were glad to see the VLK at Hanbury Locks - thank you David for your help both ways

We had a lovely day and look forward to seeing the article in the October issue out in a couple of weeks.

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